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ArkansasRunner.com Chip Timing


Registration data fields should approximate the following layout.

Last______________________________ First___________________________

Date of Birth______________ Sex:      M    F         Age race day_______


City___________________________________ State____ Zip_______________

Division:               Run               Walk               Wheel               RaceWalk


All of the above data is required.  Runners who do not include date of birth are assigned an age of zero, and are excluded from awards consideration.


Include instructions to "Print or write legibly."


The "Division" fields will most typically be Run, Walk, Wheel or Racewalk.  In the case of two concurrent races, it could be 5K Run, 10K Run, 5K Walk, 5K Racewalk or 10K Wheel.  It is preferable to offer an option to circle rather than a blank to fill in.


Do not use a background image where data fields exist and do not use a dark colored paper.  Dark background colors or images make the handwriting difficult to read.


This data field design approximates the software registration window and improves the efficiency of race day registration