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ArkansasRunner.com Chip Timing


(1) Complete range of race numbers indicating beginning number and ending number and prefix/suffix, if any.  Subdivide the range of numbers by division.  For example:  runner number range could be 1 - 500, walker number range could be 501 - 600, wheelchair number range could be 601 - 610.
(2) Structure of race awards:  overall, masters, grand masters, seniors, wheelchair, walker, racewalker, etc. and age divisions.  If at all possible, use standard age divisions: 1 - 9, 10 - 14, 15 - 19, 20 - 24, 25 - 29, .... 70+ for 5 year increments or 1 - 9, 10 - 19, 20 - 29, ..., 70+ for 10 year increments.  Indicate depth of awards in each division for male and female.
(3) Race start.  Will your race start in waves?  How many? What will be the time delay?

Pre-registration runner data:

(1) As entry forms are received, race registration personnel should assign correct bib number to each runner.  All runner data on entry form along with the assigned bib number should be entered into a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet and sent tomy email address below.  Include complete file with each transmission.
(2) Your complete runner data file should be e-mailed daily beginning two weeks prior to race date.
(3) Race number assignments should be made in a continuous, ascending order within each division range.
(4) Once a race number is assigned, it may not be reassigned.  It can be deleted.

Race day runner data:

(1) Runner completes his/her own entry form.  Registration personnel assigns race number and gives runner the correct shoe tag with instructions for attachment to shoe.
(2) Race number assignments must be made in a continuous, ascending order within each division range -- no exceptions.
(3) Race day entry forms should be delivered to the finish line for data entry as expeditiously as possible.
(4) Should a runner desire to change race division, previous race number should be destroyed and shoe tag must be returned..  A new entry form must be completed, race number assignment noted, new shoe tag issued and delivered for finish line data entry.
(5) Race day registration for large races should close 30 minutes prior to start of race.  Exceptions allowed for smaller races.